Erin Cruz, author of the Book Revolution America and CEO of Restoring America Now, Inc., a new non-profit in California, stands firm against Kamala Harris’ vow to never vote for a President Trump Judicial Nominee.

"Look, Harris stated, "I will oppose every nominee to an appellate court." Of course she also says, until there is a "fair" process. Wasn't there a "fair" process in place during President Obama's Administration? I believe there was, according to the Democrats at the time, or am I wrong?

The tables have turned on the Democrats and they don't like it one bit. Frankly, the Democrats are acting like two year olds. It may also be more sinister as what the Democrats are doing is straight out thuggery against the citizenry.

It is gross negligence and downright criminal for Kamala to make emotional and politically charged decisions and postures relating to our Judicial Nominees. Never-mind a judges experience, rulings, forget character, Kamala says these attributes don’t matter, not to her, not to America? I disagree, strongly. Indeed, we cannot allow the Left or Liberals to define our world."

Kamala Harris is choosing to put her ‘resist’ mentality before her professional decisions, and before the needs and demands of the American people she is to be in servitude to, specifically California.

Another example of Harris grandstanding is when she calls putting National Security first and building a border wall, a "vanity project."

There must be an end to the partisan, party line politics crippling America today, and we must put citizens first.

As published in the Cruz Report, by Erin Cruz (edited adding emphasis)

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