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Homelessness in Hollywood sounds like a title from a movie -- only this is real life. It seems many workers are "choosing" to live a "transient" lifestyle according to the Hollywood Reporter.

It is apparent the booming mega stars are good with socialism, the people who help them rake in the millions follow in the nonsensical propaganda, not looking to realize what is taking Hollywood down is actually keeping these workers down, and keeping them from attaining their full potential, financially, and in many other ways.

It seems even the Hollywood Reporter is attempting to make Homelessness Sexy, if there is such a thing.

Making homelessness sexy, normalizing homelessness, why?

Are they really trying to glorify being homeless?

At first glance it looks like these Trend Watchers are gearing up to brand the "new black" of modular homes on wheels, and then you see it... the push is actually in favor of the "housing crisis" mantra of the Deep Socialistic State Swampers of Mega Urban Centers in California.

Another growing trend is the homelessness of a segment of the population, the LGBTQ community. San Francisco isn't alone in the rise of this group joining the homelessness population. LA County has a huge and growing LGBTQ population, under 40.

So what is pushing people out on the streets? Is it mental health, cost of living, improper priority sets, lack of "affordable housing," or?

Media is manipulating the data.

The real questions are worth looking at. Is there a housing crisis or are costs rising due to a socialist mega State Legislature,  pushing the every day worker in California out of their own homes, price wise? Either way the current problem we face is real and needs addressed and fast.

Solutions? Work to elect local and regional leaders who will push back against larger goverment, more taxes, and who will look to cut red tape and regulations.

Here are some articles on the new "trend."

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Commentary by Erin Cruz

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