There is little which is left sacred when discussing the progressive far left global agenda, even Jesus and the Nativity Scene.
We have watched the manipulation for some time.
First Joseph, Mary, and Jesus were inside the chain link fence, comparing the status of the New Born King's parents as "refugees" to those who illegally breach the United States border and are sent to processing centers for Homeland Security issues, including health exposure risks to US Citizens.
Don't worry, it really doesn't matter to the progressive left that the analogy doesn't work or apply at all. It is there to catch the few not paying attention to details forgetting we actually have a process for actual refugees to go through a process to enter the United States legally.
This manipulation wasn't working any longer so it seems the globalist marxists decided to ante up.
They have now put Baby Jesus in the manger within His own "cage" and locked Mother Mary and Joseph out.
Good try. Not even close.
Nativity scene with baby Jesus in cage.jpg_23767760_ver1.0_640_360
The "refugees" who are trafficking children exposing them to rape, illness, manipulation, are participating in nothing less than child endangerment.
Most certainly their heart tugging doesn't work for the person who has half a brain to evaluate the situation and see the truth for what it is.
The King of Kings surely wouldn't approve of manipulating the minds of man to pervert laws for an agenda.
Shame on those using Jesus Christ as a pawn. Shame. On. YOU!
By Erin Cruz
Original article can be found here.

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