In a fabulous turn of events, Speaker Pelosi gets Trumped.
Just a few days ago Pelosi put pressure on President Donald Trump to stop government activities entirely, namely the State of The Union Address.
Pelosi was citing Security Issues due to the government shut down. Really, Nancy?
Well, Nancy needs to wake up -- we have Massive Security Issues and they are at our Southern Border and of utmost importance to our Sovereignty as a Nation, keeping our Homeland secure and the American people out of harms way from those who put us at risk. All issues which President Trump should talk about in his State of The Union Address!
In times of trial, our Republic needs the State of the Union address more than ever!
Does Pelosi care? Obviously not.
When Pelosi was speaker before, under Barack Obama, she would rant at the Republican members of Congress, posturing and strutting around.
What she was really doing was thugging her way to shove policy and her way or the highway down the tax payers' throat. Recall ObamaCare and her nasty saying, "we have to pass the bill before you can see whats in it."
Well, Pelosi, this is a new age of Politics, one where you can't manipulate Congress or our President.
Trump can't be Trumped. He is the ultimate Twitter Troll with We The People in mind.
Pelosies be warned.
What happened? Trump denied Pelosi aircraft for her PR trips to the Middle East and Brussles.
Was Pelosi wanting to collude with the Brusselsprouts after the big UK/EU fallout with BrEXIT and Theresa May?
We don't know. BUT, her trip is canceled.
Pelosi received an official NO GO letter from President Trump today.
Some people are saying President Trump can't tell Pelosi or Congress what they can do.
EHHHHmmmm, actually -- he can.
Frankly, it really doesn't matter if President Trump can tell Pelosi her trip is canceled, or if he can cancel it entirely -- he told her. The flight is de-funded.
This sends a strong message.
President Trump asserted to Pelosi, the "excursion" can be rescheduled, "800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate."
Trump stated, he also feels that, "during this period it would be better if you were in Washington negotiating with me and joining the STRONG BORDER SECURITY movement to end the Shutdown."
There is a little more...
Now you may see Pelosi on United Airlines, as Trump Asserts, "Obviously if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would be your prerogative."
If you see Pelosi, tell her hello and WE WANT OUR BIG, BEAUTIFUL WALL FUNDED AND BUILT NOW.
The truth, there is a reality, Pelosi has abused her use of our Nation resources before and was reprimanded. When will she learn?
NOW. And from President Trump.
These Progressive Left Thugs need to remember who they work for. They work for United States Citizens, not illegals, not themselves, not their power, not the multinational corporations, not their egos, -- They work for United States Citizens as SERVANTS.
The truth is Congress shut down non essential government, and Pelosi's PR trip is -- WELL, NON ESSENTIAL.
The end.
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