You can thank the FCC.

Here is what happened.

The California corruptocrats in Sacramento decided now was a great time to tax Californians on their texting to fund cellular phones for the "poor."

This could and would likely include Illegals, others here with no status, all with your tax dollars.


Remember the Obama Phone? Yes, that program is still around unfortunately.

And it has grown.

Pre-Obama there was a program called "Lifeline."

The Lifeline Program is made available to many and now includes broadband. Their most recent presser, December 2018, states they now have extended into subsidizing a US territory, Guam. Yes, Guam.

This isn't good enough for PUC in Sacramento. Lifeline's longstanding program isn't enough.

Frankly, nothing is ever enough as it seems for Sacramento.

California wanted to double down, giving "low income" individuals cell phones and service on your dime, literally. Again, what is wrong with the Lifeline service? California not getting a big enough cut? Federal control got California down?

For those who say what about low income folks reaching emergency services? There are already public utility programs out there underneath the Lifeline model which provide basic telephone coverage for those on tight budgets living at or below the poverty level. Yes. Try again.

We aren't buying it. AND we are not funding more of California's nonsense.

This land line and basic service wasn't good enough for those corruptocrats in Sacramento wanting to pad their own budgets, as it would appear. Why shouldn't everyone have a cellphone? Right? Why shouldn't Californians fund it?

Wrong. On many levels. Creeping socialism is turning into Marxism Madness.

The Text Tax action which was to charge a tax on Californians who text was halted when the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in Washington declared text messaging is an “information service,” not a telecommunications service. 

The result: Texting can not be subject to a surcharge under California State law.

WINNING. For now.

Some might say this was warranting, for the CA PUC to pull the vote, but you and I both know if and when the PUC gets the chance to pull this Text Tax again, they will.

All in all, if they have not found that work around already, it could be the Public Utilities Commission may have started to feel the heat pushing them to pull their Text Tax vote which was supposed to be held in January.

Either way, we are thrilled.

Don't get comfortable, California.

We must keep an eye out to ensure the PUC doesn't work around and change the verbiage and regulatory parameters freeing up this "revenue" source right into your and my wallet.

Action Item: Watching the telcom and tech, along with the those in certain cell phone industry markets might be a smart move as well as they would be ripe to make quite the cash from "reforms."

For now, we will celebrate a win!

Hear of any landmark "reforms"? Send scoops to info@erincruz.com


  1. Last word i heard there are jobs wanting people to fill them. There is no justifiable reason yax payers should be paying for free anything for able bodied citizens. If the jobs open require skilled labor, I would rather see my tax dollars go for training, for a limited time.

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