Richard Termine / Sesame Workshop: Lily (right) with Sofia
Richard Termine / Sesame Workshop: Lily (right) with Sofia
Meet Lily, the 'first' homeless Muppet on Sesame Street.
Do we need an official homeless Muppet? No.
Do we need more? No.
Should we be celebrating or glorifying such things, indoctrinating our youth? No.
Having a visiting guest on a show is one thing to address a societal crisis, content and age appropriate topics should also be taken into account, to which Sesame Street clearly is not looking at any of this.
Many families are impacted by the issue of homelessness, especially in California but to make a permanent fixture of a homeless child on a show does no good for our normalized children in their growth and development.
In fact, what Sesame Street is doing could be quite traumatic to children.
Normalizing homelessness is a big no-no in my book.
We need to make youth programing watchable again!
Commentary by Erin Cruz


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